According to The National Association of Realtors, the listing to sales closure ratio averages nationally from 28 to 32% in the luxury sector of the real estate industry. 

Tim has been closing at an average of 89% over a 14 year presence in the luxury tier of the real estate industry.

Simply stated; as the asset owner, you are 3 times more likely to close within the terms of the initial agreement with Tim, compared to even the well-known names in the business.



  • 2003 McDonald Group GMAC Rookie of the Year
  • 2004 McDonald Group GMAC Salesperson of the Year
  • 2005 McDonald Group GMAC Salesperson of the Year
  • 2006 McDonald Group GMAC Salesperson of the Year
  • 2007 Signature Group Pinnacle Award
  • 2008 Signature Group Pinnacle Award
  • 2009 Signature Group Salesperson of the Year
  • 2009 Nominee - Salt Lake Board of Realtors
    Producer of the Year
  • 2010 Signature Group Salesperson of the Year
  • 2012 Signature Group Presidential Award
  • 2013 Signature Group Presidential Award

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It is not surprising Tim has won countless achievement awards, including five “Salesperson of The Year” awards, three “Pinnacle Awards” and three “Presidential Awards” as well as nominee for “Salesperson of the Year Award” for the entire Salt Lake Board of Realtors solely on his own; that is to say, without the assistance of even one of the two assistants allowed for this prestigious award.

This performance over a decade and a half, has been achieved through honesty, integrity and loyalty, which is focused totally on the client and their interests throughout the entire relationship.


The cornerstone of this relationship is a personal follow through with commitments. Not via farming out to a team or other less talented assistants.

Tim knows his clients personally, understands their requirements and their objectives, and thus executes the efforts to achieve mutually discussed and agreed upon goals.....personally.

It is this one-on-one, hands-on approach, which has resulted in the batting average close to 90%, which obviously dictates that Tim is very selective in his client base; representing a carefully assessed client profile, with each account getting his 100% personal attention.

You, as the asset owner, entrust your confidential information to and your confidence in Tim and Tim alone. Not to a team of faceless consultants, as is the industry norm.


Letters of Recommendation

  • As a broker over the last 38 years, I have hired and trained thousands of real estate agents. Tim Hutton is the very best of the best! Not only was he “Rookie of the Year” for my company, he has risen to the top as one of the most sought after and successful agents in any company he has ever been associated with.

    I’ve never met an agent who will invest so much of his own time in marketing a property or finding the right property for someone.

    The phrase that describes Tim is “Total client dedication.”

    Author image
    • Rick Roller / Roller Real Estate
  • "I first met Tim when he approached me in 2003, while I was outside my home in Holladay. He knew I was trying sell our home due to having seen indicators such as signs etc. We spoke for a while, he honestly informed me that he was a new agent, but boldly asked that I give him a crack at selling our home.

    It really made no logical sense to entrust the sale of a million dollar estate to a less than fully seasoned agent; yet as I had done and continue to do since I first became an entrepreneur over fifty years ago, I trusted the feeling in my gut and handed the reigns over to Tim.

    Tim worked boldly, insightfully and creatively. Very soon our home sold and for full asking price.

    That was the first of several transactions with Tim. Since those early days of his career I’ve watch as he’s honed his real estate acumen to award winning levels.

    I strongly recommend that you consider engaging the services of Tim Hutton in achieving the real estate goals of you and your family."

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    • Vern Dickman / Spring Communications
      Co-Founder of Simply Mac
  • We would encourage anyone who is looking to sell or purchase their home, to hire Tim Hutton. We have purchased multiple homes through Tim, and would not trust anyone else.

    It is rare to find an individual with an authentic character of integrity, vision, and trust. We have personally known Tim for over 13 years. His demonstration of humble pride not only reflects in his work and professional relationships but also through his family. Not only is he our only real estate agent, he is a very dear friend.

    Author image
    • Dwight & Catherine Thompson / Thompson Granite & Stone
  • Tim Hutton is passionate and a perfectionist. Tim's passion, professional real estate experience, knowledge and insight to available properties are invaluable when selling or purchasing your desired property. Tim has integrity and possesses the skills, aggressiveness and contacts to help you sell or purchase your perfect home.

    Author image
    • Dahl and LaRayne Cleek
  • I had a delightful experience when Real Estate Agent, Tim Hutton, recently sold my house. No one could have been more patient and respectful of me or more energetic in his work.

    As we began, my hopes and expectations were considerably higher than the actual real estate market. Tim gently educated me to the point that I really understood what was needed for success. When I finally gave Tim the go ahead, the sale went quickly and easily for me, because Tim worked tirelessly, overcoming all obstacles, in getting the best possible deal.

    Tim's performance was beyond outstanding. He greatly exceeded my expectations. I can't recommend Tim highly enough, as a fabulous real estate agent.

    Author image
    • Erik Madsen
      Sandy, Utah
  • I have had the opportunity to work with Tim for the last 12 years. He has helped me with numerous different properties, ranging from the lower end to the very high end multi-million dollar properties.

    Simply put, I have never dealt with someone as thorough and diligent as Tim. I can count on Tim to cover the entire spectrum of dynamics involved in purchasing or selling real estate. I know that once he takes on a responsibility he will see it through to the end.

    I have recommended Tim to many friends and family members over the years and they have all had the same rewarding experience with him that I have had. His insight, integrity and creativity are second to none.

    Author image
    • Jack Turner
      PC Custom Homes

As in football, when the runner has broken into the open field beyond all teammates, the skilled athlete creatively and skillfully runs with the ball. Weaving through all obstacles and scores the touch down himself.

Tim, scores touch-downs himself..........for you. 
It is not surprising, such a depth and intensity of this unique and unwavering commitment was achieved by consciously choosing and serving a select handful of clients.

Against the norms of the real estate industry, which is a “grab all you can and hope that at least some will actually close” mentality , Tim closes, he does not attempt to close.

This is what has made Tim a man you can trust to protect your interests at all times.

Written by Roberto Bautista Agut